Piedmont, Italy
E. Pira

Chiara Boschis has been the guardian of the E. Pira estate since 1990. E. Pira is a part of Barolo history, they were farmers and growers in the early 1800’s and began producing wines in the early 1900’s. She owns three Ha now, spread over the iconic vineyards of Cannubi, Via Nuova (both in Barolo commune) and now Mosconi in Monforte d’Alba. Chiara had a clear idea and in 1990 decided to explore the changes flooding through the Barolo region at the time - she wanted to produce more fragrant and elegant Barolo. Today, with 30+ harvests under her hand she has built a tremendous reputation worldwide for spectacular Barolo full of beauty and grace. The wines are loaded with power, but that plays a minor role as you are drawn first to the fragrance and elegance- a remarkable achievement. E. Pira wines are an absolute must for any Barolo enthusiast.

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E. Pira
E. Pira


Dolcetto D'Alba 2014
Barbera Superiore 2013
Barolo Via Nuova 2013
Barolo Cannubi 2013
Langhe Nebbiolo 2013
Barolo Mosconi 2013