Cà del Re

Ca’ del Re

Ca’ del Re wines are made by the Perrone family from Santo Stefano. This village along with Castagnole Lanze and Castagnole Tinella are the best sites for growing Moscato and producing Moscato d’Asti in Italy. Steep hillsides offer great exposure. Soils are sand and clay with a low percentage of limestone, great for Moscato. Fermentations are slow and cool, preserving high concentration of aromatics. Fabio is the winemaker, a recent graduate of the enology school in Alba, and his father Mauro and grandfather Mario work the vineyards and are in charge of the farming and harvests. 100% estate fruit. This is extremely important as the family can insure proper yields and harvest at the perfect moment to preserve the balance between fresh, natural acidity and sweetness. Harvest takes over 2 weeks depending on maturation of each vineyard. Ca’ del Re means “house of the king” and is referenced from a 1968 agricultural map, and is the name of the valley where the farm and vineyards reside.