Contratto Aperitif


Contratto Aperitif

  • ABV 13.5% - Sugar: 250 g/l -

  • Original Contratto Recipe since 1935

  • Ingredients: water, sugar, Italian brandy, aloe, angelica, wormwood, safflower, cinchona bark, bitter orange, sweet orange, lemon, hawthorn, gentian root, juniper, mint, rhubarb, sage, nettle, ginger.... and more.

  • Fruit flavors of sweet orange and other citrus, aromas of gentian root, rhubarb and juniper

  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING - 100% natural beet and carrot.

  • LONG, COLD MACERATIONS -60 day cold maceration with pump-overs of organic herbs, flowers, roots and plants.

  • GRAPES SPIRITS BASED - Locally produced Piedmont spirit distilled from Barbera grapes