Contratto: Spirits

Contratto Spirits

Contratto’s 80-year old tradition of liqueur production has returned to U.S. markets. Giorgio Rivetti’s passionate revival of Italy’s most prominent sparkling wine house, Contratto, expanded in 2013 to include their liqueur and vermouth recipes from the 1930s. Contratto Rosso and Bianco Vermouth are classic Torino style Vermouths. Aromatized wine flavored with herbs, flowers and roots such as gentian root, coriander and sage. They are sweetened and lightly fortified to 17% ABV. Used both as an Aperitivo and Digestivo, which were originally consumed as a medicinal beverage with therapeutic qualities and later became ingredients in cocktails. 

Like the original product, Contratto liqueurs have incredible clear flavors and potent aromatics. In contrast to an industry where chemical flavoring, food coloring and other mass production techniques are standard practice, Contratto liqueurs are made with 100% natural products. Starting with quality grape spirits produced locally in Piedmont, Rivetti uses long (60 days), cold macerations of organic aromatic herbs, and natural extracts of carrots and beets to provide color. The long-standing Italian tradition of drinking a low-in-alcohol aperitif (before dinner drink) is increasing in popularity in the U.S., as the history and presentation of these customs are more available through the current popular mixology movement. They are fantastic artisanal products that add depth to any bar program.